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DoorKnockerPal makes it easy for you to keep up with your potential clients with a CRM built in & the doors you knock on.

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How does it work?

Use the Web, iOS or Android App click the "Start Door Knocking" then click on each house that you are at, put info about the door that you're logging & know the status of the doors. Did the owner not answer the door? Set the status to "Not Home" & know that no one came to the door & you might need to go back. Always know the status & which doors that you have knocked on.

Features that you will love!
We're constantly working on brand new features to help you keep track of things easier!

Record where you have been

Always keep track of which doors you have been to! You don't have to record them all on a piece of paper or a csv & not be able to search it later! DoorKnockerPal makes this a great & easy experience!

Works on Web, iOS & Android

We support the major platforms for you to be able to use DoorKnockerPal anywhere! Our goal is to always have the same features on all the platforms as much as possible!


Allow your team members to record doors, create deals or contacts & join your team. Keep track of where everybody is door knocking, which helps you keep track of the doors they're visiting.


Create deals when you have a person that is interested in buying your products or buying/selling a home! Add the deals to a deal stage & real quick know where that deal is in getting to the closing line!

Account Types

Are you a realtor, roofer or solar company ETC...? The system will change the features that you have just for your profession. You don't have to be a realtor, you can also set your account type to another profession & get specific features for that profession.

Tag each door

If you have ever used twitter you know that you can look up tweets by tags. Well, with DoorKnockerPal we have made it to where you can tag each door for a specific case & be able to filter by tags later.


We have built a task manager straight into the system. Create a task, then if you can't do it until tomorrow or the next day just easily snooze the task for later.

Contact Management

Keep up with all the contacts you have. Get very detailed or keep it simple with the info! Link the contacts to a deal later on.


Add all your products to DoorKnockerPal. Keep track of the prices & info. Link them to a deal later on.


Create a property, add all the info about the MLS, ETC... Create a deal & then link a property to the deal.

Keep track of notes

We know that notes & keeping info about the Person, Property & Deals is an important thing, that's why we made sure that you can create as many notes as you want!

Door Knocker Locations

DoorKnockerPal shows you the last location of your team members and where they have been. If you are Managing your team, you can always know when & where they're door knocking. Employees do like to ride out the time & tell you they're door knocking when they're sitting at home or at a restaurant. Fake door knocking is a thing of the past!

Don't see a feature

We would love to hear about your idea! Start a chat on the bottom right & tell us about it! You never know we might have it in the works :)

Add doors quickly
When you're going door to door we know you need to go as quick as possible, that's why we built it around that!
DoorKnockerPal Add Door
Easily keep track of your deals
Create as many Deal Stages & then real quick be able to see at a glance what stage that deal is at!
DoorKnockerPal CRM Deal Stages

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