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  • You will need to be a admin of the team

Role Permissions

  • Member - Can access their own data & nobody elses. This is good role for employees that you don't want them to have access to the admin console.

  • Organizer - This role can access the admin console & see everybody elses data.

  • Owner - Warning: don't give this role to anybody you don't trust. This role can do anything.

Web App

On the side bar you will see "Team Invites" click that link. Now up in the top right click the "Invite" button. A box pops up now you can type the persons email & give them a role.

iOS & Android

Press the more tab button on the bottom right. Under "Your Team" press "Admin Console". The Manage Admin Console page has now popped up click "Team Invites". Up in the top right click "Add" button. Now a page has came up, type the persons email & give them a role.