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  • You will need to be subscribed on the website.
  • You will need to be a team admin or owner.

If you go to the Subscriptions page & it says "You're subscribed on iOS or Android" you would need to switch to subscribing on the website. If you start up a chat with us we will walk you through the process of the transition. Click here to start a chat

Getting Started

When you're logged in as a admin click Subscriptions in the sidebar. You should now see a page with DoorKnockerPal Plan.

DoorKnockerPal Subscription page

scroll down to Link to user it's a blue button.

DoorKnockerPal Subscription page

You will now click the button. After clicking the button you will now see Pay for Team Member in the header.

DoorKnockerPal Subscription page

Click on the team member that you want to pay for & it will now come up with a modal that says Add this user to your subscription?.

DoorKnockerPal Confirm Modal

Confirm linking the user with clicking the Yes blue button.

You might need to refresh the apps by closing them & reopening them. For the website just refresh the page.