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Web App

Add Deal Stage

On the side bar you will see "Deal Stages" click that link. You should now see "Sort Deal Stages" if you do look up a bit. Click on "Type a deal stage title". Type anything you want.

Edit Deal Stage

Click on the deal stage & you should have a popup box on the bottom come up that has a title of "Deal Stage Actions". Click edit & type in the box the new name.

iOS & Android

  1. Press the More tab in the bottom right.
  2. Press the Admin Console link on the top.
  3. Press the "Deal Stages"

Add Deal Stage

You should see "Type a Deal Stage title". Press that box & start typing any name you want for your deal stage. When you are done typing click to the right a button that says "Add".

Edit Deal Stage

Press one of your deal stages. Now you should have a popup on iPhones it's on the bottom & on iPads it's in the middle. When that box pops up it should say "Deal Stage Action". Press the edit button on it. Now type a new name for the Deal Stage & click "OK".